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Ready to restore and calibrate your B&K 747 tube tester? Is your old phenolic PCB warped, with traces cracked and caps leaking? Carbon resistors have drifted to some mystery value? I have the perfect setup for you! I wanted to make repairing or restoring the 747 as easy as possible while increasing reliability, serviceability and repeat-ability and this kit hits all the marks. This kit was designed for the 747B however it will work in the 747.

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Yes, we can install this kit for you as well as clean and calibrate your tester for an additional cost + shipping. Just shoot us a message!

Introducing our full replacement PCB for B&K BK 747 Tube Tester!
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Our hard to find - ultra high quality tube tester resistor / calibration set
I have put together a nice component kit that will allow easy calibration of your B&K tube tester(s). These are hard to find values, especially at their ratings. These are not cheap parts by any-means! This kit will last the rest of your solder slinging, restoration days which is the only way we do things here at G1217.

Calibration instructions are available for the B&K700, 707 and 747 with this kit.

This kit purchase comes with:

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