G1217 News:
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We have launched two new tube adapters! Customers request our adapters as our configurable 6SN7 to 12XXX has become quite a coveted item. It gained its reputation because our build quality is outstanding, pins are tough as nails and our PCB work is top notch - IMO the best adapters made!
Just released:

Have a look at this eye candy!

As always with anything that anyone designs and is passionate about, revisions come over time. Our revisions are very clear as you can see our PCB revisions right on the boards! Others are hidden under a lid and kept hush hush. So before the latest wave of PCB rev hysteria hits - Thought I would tell you all about them so you have the facts vs. speculation. Here are the details that will matter to you:

Ember 2.0 board rev:
We have a new version of Ember that will start shipping on or before the 1st of May! Here are the facts

Many will think OH CRAP, my rev 1.0 Ember is obsolete! NOPE. Ember 2.0 features the EXACT same loved sound as Ember 1.0 With just a sprinkle of changes that we have been wanting to implement. The changes are subtle enough we considered just a .1 rev bump but with the addition of the SC on-board, it was felt the 2.0 designation was warranted.

Polaris 1.2 board rev:

Starlight 1.1 board rev:

Sunrise / Horizon 3.1: - Fixed a couple of board mods that we had to make manually before (noise reduction mod and a change to the LED)

General info:
I will be updating photos of all the amplifiers soon. I changed up the looks of all the chassis and everyone that has seen them agrees, we upped the sexy! They are slightly larger and in the same style as our CNC'ed chassis (which I will also be doing a photo shoot of ASAP!

From customer feedback, we have decided to stop sending manuals on CD in the package as the same manual can be downloaded right from our site. Customers and friends told us in most all cases, the manual for their amplifier had already been downloaded before delivery so the CD just went in the trash DOH!

Manuals for the new revision amplifiers are being uploaded this week one at a time as I finish them up. Stay tuned!

Everyone knows that we love vintage tube testers, and one of our favorite testers is the B&K 747. We dig this tester so much that we decided to build a parts kit for it so that the tester can be easily / properly restored with HIGH quality parts. Get rid of that junk - cracked phenolic PCB and all of the old, drifing carbon resistors and leaking or blown caps. Add in our high quality 2oz copper PCB with gold wash, gold plated quick connects, outstanding component choices and the tester becomes serviceable without having to de-solder countless wires. Overall, an excellent kit done right! Pick up your kit in our new Tube Tester Projects section!
Wow... We are already in November and 2015 is almost gone! It has been a fantastic year and we have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of amazing customers with amazing setups! So many of our designs are being enjoyed worldwide that it is an amazing feeling - one that is hard to describe when something you have poured your all into is being as loved by others as much as yourself.

We do have some new goodies in the works we think you will dig. And some old items getting wrapped up!

As always, feel free to email us anytime to discuss anything! We always love to hear from our customers!
We have recently released Ember 2.1. Before you panic and think your Ember 2 is obsolete, don't! The change was minor. In short, we changed up the input jumper configuration to offer a couple more options with almost the same amount of pins (Fran's clever dice jumper layout).

Now let me explain why we made this change. We recently added a resistor to the whole product lineup that further killed scratch in the volpot as certain tubes / random tubes had micro levels of leakage that were higher than others. This could cause scratch even with the input caps in-line. This resistor further eliminated this and took it to the next level. However it had a side effect on a handful of tubes such as 12at7's or 12ax7's that could be heard in high efficiency IEM's. The result was a slight but noticeable increase in background hiss. (The joys of being compatible with such a wide variety of tubes HA!) So Fran's suggested a simple but effective 4 way dice jumper to give our customers more options on the input side with Ember for micro tweaking capability. Thanks to a great customer Eric for helping spot the combination of things that increased hiss with his IEM's)
Before: You could either have the input capacitor in-line or bypass it. Many Audiophiles like this better even though it can cause a scratchy sound in the volpot as a micro amount of DC makes it through

Now, we have 4 total settings:

Oh man that sounds so complicated, what do I do? HA! It is actually simple as it gets like most of our settings. Changes can be made in REAL time while listening to music or background levels. Literally move a pair of jumpers and listen to the change or lack of change. If you like it better, leave it. If you like it less, change it back. Yes, life can be that simple! As with ALL settings on our designs. There is virtually NO right or wrong. Just what sounds best to your ears and THAT is what matters.

In other news:

Our Project Kameleon in-line filter is shipping.

To learn more about the in-line Kameleon filter, please visit our site and DIYAH forum!
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We now have a production -20dB and play attenuation cable for sensitive headphones!

Why it rocks:
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