Project Horizon 3.1 - Tube Headphone Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier:
Project Horizon is a sister amplifier to Project Sunrise III even sharing the same PCB. Understanding the want and need for a version specifically built for high impedance headphones, Project Horizon was born. Horizon costs a bit more than Sunrise III as it takes quite a few more parts and a much higher voltage power supply. Horizon is quite a beast and just like Sunrise III, she is very musical and offers loads of adjustability combined with the ability to roll a ton of tubes. Horizon is a real staple to our lineup and also has been reviewed and loved globally!

New features of Horizon III:

Features of Horizon:

For Advanced Tuners:

Actual Project Horizon Measurements


Optimized for Headphones 120 - 600ohm | Shown in both aluminum and acrylic chassis options
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