G1217 Amplifiers and Preamplifiers:
Exceptional sound, versatility and design with a price tag that leaves your wallet in one piece. G1217 Amplifiers and Preamplifiers offer more as they are designed with what we want. Prices are kept low as we are factory direct, keeping the middle men out of the loop.

With every amplifier, you see the entire inner workings. Anyone can stick a generic PCB with the cheapest parts and crappy layout hidden in an expensive metal case... we do the opposite. We offer the best PCB quality, beautiful layouts and top notch components which all add up to exceptional sound. We do this while keeping prices low so anyone at any budget can afford our offerings and enjoy the hobby.

Customer photo 2015 - By: Jonathan

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A beautiful CNC'ed chassis Sunrise III combined with the much loved 7XX! A GREAT combo!
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